• Image for Computer Laboratory

    Computer Laboratory

    The computer laboratory is where the students carry out analyses using softwares such as SAS, SPSS, Statat, and R. Currently, the school has 2 laboratory rooms.
  • Image for Classrooms


    The UPSS class rooms, where discussion-type of lectures are held, can be found at the second and third floor of the building. About 9 classrooms are being used currently.
  • Image for UPSS Library

    UPSS Library

    The UPSS library can be found on the second floor of the UP School of Statistics.
  • Image for Veranda


    This part of the building is located at the third floor of the UPSS building.
  • Image for Simulation Laboratory

    Simulation Laboratory

    Simulation Laboratory can be found at the 4th floor together with the faculty rooms.
  • Image for Conference Room

    Conference Room

    The conference room is at the first floor beside computer laboratory 1.