BS Stat Program Reviewed for Potential ASEAN University Network Accreditation

January 13, 2014 - the ASEAN University Network Quality Assurance (AUN-QA) Assessment team visited UP Diliman to review the BS Statistics program, as a response to the School's application for an AUN accreditation. The AUN-QA Assessment team is composed of AUN Assessors, Dr. Pimpan Vimolvan of Chulalongkorn University and Dr. Wan Ahmad Kamil Che Mahmood of Universiti Sains Malaysia. read more

The Story Behind the Lantern of UP School of Statistics

Last December 18, 2013, the School participated in the annual tradition of lantern parade. Students, faculty, alumni and staff paraded with a lantern inspired by the University, the School and the Country. But with the recent catastrophic events that hit the Philippines, the UP community had once again reshaped this annual event for the lanterns to serve a more significant purpose - to give help. read more

UPSS freshman, George Ringo S. Manapat, placed 2nd in the 22nd PSQ - NCR finals

The annual nationwide statistics competition was conducted since 1992, designed to challenge freshmen college students' knowledge of Statistics taken from secondary education. Having said so, the competition is only opened for first time freshmen college students. UP Diliman, through the School of Statistics, has been consistently participating in the annual search for young Statistics geniuses. read more

UPSS in the 12th National Convention on Statistics

Several Faculty members, Students and Alumni of the UP School of Statistics actively participated in the recently concluded National Convention on Statistics, held last Oct 1-2, 2013 at the EDSA Shangri-La Hotel. This year, the National Convention on Statistics aimed to promote and discuss the importance of statistics in the country, bannering "Statistics that matter to every Filipino" as this year's theme. read more


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The School is now accepting admissions for graduate students for the academic year 2014-1015. Click here for the application form and here for more information.

Congratulations to Dr. Lisa Grace S. Bersales for being awarded the 2012-2013 UP Centennial Professorial Chair.

Great news: Two UPSS graduate students won the 2013 ISI Jan Tinbergen Awards for young statisticians.

UP Scientific Productivity System awards UP Scientist I (2012-2014) to Dr. C.D. Mapa and UP Scientist III (2012-2014) to Dr. E. Barrios. Congratulations!

UPSS Freshman placed 2nd in the 22nd Philippine Statistics Quiz - NCR.