Research Laboratories

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    Computational Statistics Research Laboratory

    The main interest in the laboratory is the development of statistical theory and methods with the aid of computing. The group specifically works on two different but complementing broad areas of empirical nonparametrics and high dimensional data visualization and analysis. Nonparametric and robust methods are used to perform structural inference in spatio-temporal and additive models and in model-based estimation in survey sampling. We also consider some stylized facts related to these models like structural change, spatial heterogeneity, volatility, clustering, complex dependence structure (space, time, space-time interactions) among others. On high dimensional data, we study sparsity in relation to visualization and model selection, clustering, robustness, and other problems and issues usually encountered in data mining and activities related to business intelligence.
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    Poverty and Hunger Research Laboratory

    The Poverty and Hunger Research Lab of the University of the Philippines School of Statistics is a research study group composed of faculty members and students of the School who are interested in doing research related to poverty and hunger in the country. The Poverty and Hunger Research Lab is envisioned to guide and inform policy-makers though its empirical-based research outputs.